Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ratemizer?

Ratemizer - Find out the best deal for you.

Ratemizer is an operator-independent application. It helps you to automatically find just how much you could save by switching to the optimal rate plan based on your actual phone usage. Ratemizer analyzes your domestic voice, text, and data usage.  


How does it work? 

The app scans quickly through hundreds of potential plans and picks the cheapest one that matches your actual usage profile.

Ratemizer builds your personal usage profile by analyzing 3-12 months of billing data. To accomplish this, Ratemizer needs to tap into your billing information at your operator's online portal. Hence, the application asks you for your username and password to the operator's online service. (If you have forgotten your username and password, you can find them out by following Ratemizer's instructions).

The app does math and provides you with a report of the optimal  plans from four operators (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon). 


What rate plans can I optimize with Ratemizer? 

US consumer rate plans from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.  

Optimization also requires at least 3 months of billing history in order to calculate the average usage from a long enough period. 

Ratemizer works only with consumer plans. If you are interested in optimizing corporate plans, please contact Alekstra's customer services at


Where does it work?

Ratemizer works on iPhone, iPad and Android.

You need to have internet connection i.e. the app does not work offline.


Can I optimize also the rate plans of my friends and family? 


If your friend or family member does not have an iPhone or an Android device, he/she can give you his/her credentials to the operator online service, and you can check the savings potential for him/her.

You are yourself responsible for having the permission to give Ratemizer app the abovementioned credentials and to optimize the respective person's rate plan. 


Where can I get Ratemizer?

From Apple's AppStore (US).

Download Ratemizer on your iPhone or iPad by going to AppStore (US) and using the search term "Ratemizer". The application is also on iTunes.
For Android you can download the application on Google play


Why use Ratemizer?

A wrong rate plan can cost you hundreds of dollars for nothing.

The rate plan jungle is confusing. Most consumers do not have a clue on how many minutes, text messages, or data megabytes they consume on a monthly basis. Comparing different plans on your own can be time-consuming and arduous. 

There are currently hundreds of different rate plans on the market - and the number keeps growing. A plan chosen one or two years ago is unlikely to match the current usage profile. Ratemizer makes the comparisons on your behalf and identifies the best match. 


Does Ratemizer switch my rate plan automatically? 


Ratemizer sends you an email with precise instructions how to switch or update to the cheapest plan. You have the final say on the switch. Typically, just a phone call is enough to capture the savings. 


Why is Ratemizer good for you?

Ratemizer helps you stop paying for nothing.

The app helps you to find out quickly, easily, and safely whether you have the best possible rate plan. 


Is Ratemizer neutral?

Ratemizer is completely unaffiliated with any operator - an independent carrier cop.

The Ratemizer technology was originally built to cut and optimize the mobility costs of large enterprises. The enterprise version of the Ratemizer has been developed since 2006, and it saves already more than 20 million dollars annually large corporations, government entities, and municipalities. 

Now this technology and savings opportunity is for the first time available also to consumers as iPhone and Android applications.


Where do I get the username and password for my current mobile subscription?

Ratemizer guides you through the process of finding out.

Follow the application's instructions in finding out the username and password. You can also find out the credentials from the links below: 



Why does Ratemizer need my mobile phone account credentials?

Ratemizer analyzes your phone bill confidentially.

Your credentials are needed so that Ratemizer can analyze your phone bills from the past 3-12 months. The phone bills are stored in the operator's online service in electronic format, and the application goes through the phone bills automatically for you. Without this functionality, you would have to scan through your old phone bills and insert the application manually a huge amount of different billing information and other details.

Ratemizer compares your usage profile with hundreds of domestic rate plans - which helps you to discover the best plan for you.


Can Ratemizer tell who I have been calling and texting?

No. Ratemizer simply evaluates minute, SMS and data volumes.


What about Ratemizer's data security?

Enterprise level data security.  

Ratemizer has top notch data security. You can always trust that the app is safe, and that the information you give to Ratemizer is well protected. 

Ratemizer's servers are located in a tightly guarded data center together with dozens of servers from other corporations. The internal communication of the servers, as well as the communication between the app and the servers, follows the highest level of security and encryption standards. 


What information does Ratemizer store?

Ratemizer stores information visible on your phone bill e.g., the amount of your billable minutes, text messages, and data MB's. 

No data is stored on the phone, other than that what you can see for yourself on the app. Therefore, losing your phone does not expose to you a security risk.  

Ratemizer is fetching and storing following information from operator's online service:

  • Subscription number
  • Contract end date
  • Phone bills (max. 13 months)

In addition to this, Ratemizer is fetching and storing following information for each billing period (max. 13 months): 

  • Amount of domestic phone calls to other networks
  • Total length of domestic phone calls to other networks (min)
  • Amount of domestic phone calls to current network
  • Total length of domestic phone calls to current network (min)
  • Domestic text messages
  • Domestic data transfer (MB)
  • Domestic usage fees including monthly fees (eur)
  • Billing period start date
  • Billing period end date
  • Billing ID 

More information can be found on the Ratemizer Privacy policy -page.